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News Vetnil

On October 23, in a ceremony held in São Paulo, Vetnil, one of the leading companies in the animal health market in Brazil, received the 1st place award in the “Animal Health” category in Agribusiness Yearbook 2018 of the Globo Rural Magazine. The survey carried out by Serasa Experian showed a complete radiography of the financial performance of the 500 largest companies related to the Brazilian agricultural and livestock sector.

With a diversified portfolio, Vetnil has more than 100 products in the equine and pet segments - production of 2 thousand tons of drugs - both commercialized in Brazil and exported to more than 15 countries. With revenues of about R$ 116 million in 2017, with 10% growth compared to the previous year, the company has doubled year after year in the last decade and obtained 81,9 points in the Yearbook assessment.

“Our company is focused on quality, innovation and excellence for development of veterinary products. We broadly value the human capital, which I believe is one of our great differentials. Today we have 235 employees, namely, 120 veterinarians. We have broadly contributed to the growth of the sector and we are very happy that, even in the crisis the country is facing, we managed to achieve first place in the ranking. We are very proud for having received this award, which demonstrates our commitment to be a reference in animal health”, Vera Godoy Ribeiro, president of Vetnil, points out.

Vetnil has been on market for more than 20 years, it is 100% national company and was founded by the veterinarian Dr. João Carlos Ribeiro. “The animal health market in Brazil showed great development in the last two decades. Before, dog, cat and horse tutors often had to use products indicated to humans, for which there were no presentations, concentrations and tests to assure their efficacy on animals. Currently, there is quite a broad portfolio, which meets most of the needs of the Veterinarians for them to be able to provide safe treatment to their patients. Vetnil has a research and development area for health and performance of equines and pets, and it is one of the leaders of the market in its sector. We are committed to offer quality solutions that provide both the animal´s and its tutor´s well-being”, Vera adds.

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