Aminomix® Forte

Amino acid mineral vitamin supplement for animal feed

Aminomix® Forte

Amino acid mineral vitamin supplement for animal feed


Supplement with essential nutrients for athlete horse feed. It’s formulation combines macro and micro minerals, vitamins, yeasts, in addition to essential and important amino acids, providing the transformation and use of food for the performance of the athletic functions of the high performance horses. Aids in the development of equine, ostrich and pig breeding.

Aminomix® Forte provides daily essential doses for building and maintaining the animal’s organic structure, such that the maximum genetic potential is achieved during breeding. The readily assimilable ingredients in its formula provide an improvement in the general condition of the animals.

Aminomix® Forte contains chelated iron, copper and zinc, which improves their use and ensures the absorption of vitamins through the non formation of insoluble complexes.

Aminomix® Forte also contain live yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and enzymes, providing better digestion of foods and consequently better food conversion.


Amino acid, vitamin, macro and micro mineral supplement for equine, mule, donkey, ostrich and pig feed. Contains essential food nutrients of animals. Its formulation combines macro and micro minerals, vitamins and amino acids, being indicated for growing animals, body mass gain, appetite stimulus and preparation for competitions and exhibitions. It also contains live yeasts (probiotic) that helps in the development of a healthy intestinal microbiota, providing better digestion of foods and consequently better food conversion.


To be added to food.
Adult equines, mules and donkeys:
    - Maintenance: 40 g/day;
    - Light training: 60 g/day;
    - Moderate training: 80 g/day;
    - Intensive training: 100 g/day.
Foals and ponies: 30 g/day.
Adult ostrich: 20 g/day.
Young ostrich: 5 g/day.
Adult pigs: 15 g/day.
Piglets: 5 g/day.



Vitamin A (Min.) 2.000.000 UI
Vitamin B1 (Min.) 250 mg
Vitamin B12 (Min.) 1.000 mcg
Vitamin B2 (Min.) 200 mg
Vitamin B6 (Min.) 200 mg
Vitamin C (Min.) 5.000 mg
Vitamin D3 (Min.) 150.000 UI
Vitamin E (Min.) 1.000 UI
Biotin (Min.) 50 mg
Nicotine acid (Min.) 600 mg
Folic acid (Min.) 200 mg
Calcium pantothenate (Min.) 500 mg
Choline (Min.) 4.850 mg
Aspartic acid (Min.) 508 mg
Glutamic acid (Min.) 2.925 mg
Alanine (Min.) 7.120 mg
Arginine (Min.) 4.010 mg
Cysteine (Min.) 224 mg
Phenylalanine (Min.) 1.626 mg
Glycine (Min.) 12,69 g
Histidine (Min.) 348 mg
Isoleucine (Min.) 1,378 mg
L-Carnitine (Min.) 10 g
Leucine (Min.) 2.801 mg
Lysine (Min.) 23,22 g
Methionine (Min.) 21,57 g
Proline (Min.) 9.426 mg
Serine (Min.) 971 mg
Tyrosine (Min.) 541 mg
Threonine (Min.) 542 mg
Tryptophan (Min.) 416 mg
Valine (Min.) 1.957 mg
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 9x10⁹ CFU
Calcium (Max.) 199,5 g
Calcium (Min.) 180,5 g
Phosphorus (Min.) 104 g
Iodine (Min.) 144 mg
Iron (Min.) 2.000 mg
Sodium (Min.) 2.919 mg
Copper (Min.) 600 mg
Chrome (Min.) 80 mg
Sulfur (Min.) 8.000 mg
Cobalt (Min.) 200 mg
Selenium (Min.) 60 mg
Magnesium (Min.) 33 g
Manganese (Min.) 427 mg
Zinc (Min.) 3.000 mg

Buckets containing 2,5 Kg, 5 Kg and 20 Kg.


* Product considered NO DOPING according to the list of FEI (International Equestrian Federation). However, consult the specifi c regulations of the competition.

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