Quetamina® Injetável Vetnil

Injectable anesthetic for dogs and cats.

Quetamina® Injetável Vetnil

Injectable anesthetic for dogs and cats.


Quetamina Injetável Vetnil is an anesthetic based on Ketamine Hydrochloride, fast acting, causing unconsciousness of the animal through its dissociative action on the cerebral cortex.
The use of Quetamina Injetável Vetnil causes “narco-analgesia”, where muscle tone and some reflexes are maintained, such as laryngopharyngeal and swallowing reflexes. It is recommended for containment during exams and minor surgical procedures.


Quetamina Injetável Vetnil is a dissociative anesthetic indicated for dogs and cats for minor surgical procedures, restraints, diagnostic procedures and as an inducer of inhalational anesthesia.


Intramuscular or intravenous administration. After administration of Quetamina Injetável Vetnil, the animal should be kept in a calm environment until the maximum effect of sedation is achieved. Use preanesthetic medication to reduce the incidence of undesirable effects. If supplementation of the dose is necessary, it should be performed from 30 minutes to 1 hour after the initial dose, under the supervision of the Veterinarian. A repeat dose is recommended at half the initial dose.

Ketamine (hydrochloride) 10,0 g
Vehicle q.s. 100,0 mL

Vial containing 10 mL.

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