Sedanew® (Xilazina 10%)

Sedative, muscle relaxant and analgesic

Sedanew® (Xilazina 10%)

Sedative, muscle relaxant and analgesic


Sedanew® (Xilazina 10%) is a sedative, muscle relaxant and analgesic indicated for equines. Xylazine is pharmacologically classified as a sedative and analgesic agent of the class of alpha-2 adrenergic agonists. The drugs belonging to this class activate the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors present in the presynaptic neurons, both in the central and in the peripheral nervous systems, causing a reduction of the release of noradrenaline and consequent reduction of the sympatic activity of the central nervous system, leading to sedation. It can be considered a safe drug for the equine species, widely used in the clinical routine where short duration clinical and surgical procedures are desired in the quadrupedal position.


Sedanew® can be used alone or in combination with other anesthetic agents for sedation, analgesia, muscle relaxation and as a pre-anesthetic drug. 
Due to its properties, Sedanew® can be used to facilitate the management of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures like: 

• Rectal palpations; 
• Short duration surgical procedures in the quadrupedal position; 
• Ophthalmology; 
• PAM – Preanesthetic Medication; 
• Management of wounds and sutures; 
• Radiographic and ultrasound tests; 
• Dentistry; 
• Urinary catheterization; 
• Nasogastric catheterization; 
• Management or transport of wild or stressed animals.


For intravenous use in equines: 
Dose of 1 to 1,1 mg/Kg of body weight, that is, 0,5 to 0,55 mL for every 50Kg of body weight. For more information, consult the package insert of the product. The doses can be changed according to the veterinary doctor’s instruction. 


The main signs of sedation in equines are: 
• Lowering of the head 
• Relaxation of the face muscles 
• Labial and eyelid ptosis



Xylazine Hydrochloride* 16,5 mg
Vehicle q.s. 1 mL

*equivalent to 100 mg of Xylazine base


Bottle containing 50 mL.


* Product considered DOPING according to the list of FEI (International Equestrian Federation). However, consult the specifi c regulations of the competition.

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