Como dar comprimido para cão e gato: dicas para não estressar seu pet!
Como dar comprimido para cão e gato: dicas para não estressar seu pet!

How to give a pill to dogs and cats: tips to not stress your pet!

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The secret is to take it easy, be firm and take advantage of market options to medicate your pet

Taking care of a sick pet is not easy, but surely one of the most difficult tasks in this situation is medication time.

Many tutors have doubts about how to give the pet pill. Thinking about it, Vetnil® decided to share the step by step of this task and some tips that can make it easer when medicating your dog or cat.

How to give a pill to your pet?

The truth is that there is no secret when it comes to giving pills to your pet. The best way to do this is to put the medicine in the animal’s mouth and make sure it will swallow the medicine.

However, we know that some pets can get stressed at the time of medication and end up hurting their tutors, which requires speed, calm and assertiveness from the person handling the animal, especially if its size is larger.

To ensure the safety of the tutor and the correct medication of your pet, there are some techniques to make the task easier. Follow the step by step on how to give a pill to your pet:

1 - To make your pet open its mouth, you will need to press your cheek with one hand, in the area just behind the canines teeth;

2 - With the thumb of the same hand, press down on your animal’s jaw, pulling it down so that it opens its mouth wider;

3 - Now is the time to put the pill in your pet’s mouth. Try to put the medicine at the very bottom and not in the front or corners of the mouth, because your pet may spit out the pill. If you need it, ask someone for help;

4 - Once the pill is placed in your pet’s mouth, you will need to make him swallow it. Close his mouth and massage his neck, from top to bottom, for a few seconds;

5 - If necessary, offer water or a snack to facilitate ingestion.


Some tips to give a pill to your pet

Although the step-by-step procedure for giving a pet pill is simple, we know that many time the animal still refuses the medication. So, there are some tips that may be useful at this point. In addition, doubts about alternatives at the time of medication also arise.

Check the tips and answers to some questions!

Be calm, but act quickly

The secret to being successful when putting the pill in your pet’s mouth is to be calm and act quickly so that he doesn’t run away or move too much.

But it’s no use being too incisive at this point. So, act naturally and approach your pet calmly. Play with him a little and offer him snacks, so he won’t suspect your intentions. Its is recommended to try to associate the time of medication or supplementation with a positive moment as much as possible, either by receiving a treat or affection afterwards, or by the administration of the pill itself, when in chewable presentation, for example.

Know your pet

When the tutor is close to your pet and is responsible for the necessary care for the animal, it is easier to interact in delicate situations.

Medication time is a good example of this. If the tutor has the habit f brushing your pet’s teeth, for example, inserting a pill in his mouth will be much easier than when there is no such custom.

For this reason, it is important to establish a lose relationship with your pet at the time of care, so you can get to know him better and know how to act.

It is important to try o create the habit of handling the pet from a young age, as it is a phase of life in which it is easier for him to see it as something normal, not traumatic.

Can I crush or open the pill?

It is recommended that the tablet or capsule be swallowed whole. By crushing or opening it, you can modify some characteristic of the drug and it may not work as expected.

Because of this, the ideal is to always check the manufacturer’s recommendations and consult the veterinarian.

Mix the pill in your pet food

To camouflage the pill and make the pet swallow it without realizing it, many tutors mix the medicine in the animal’s own food.

A good tip to do this is to wrap it in the middle of some treat that the pet likes or even mix it with wet or pasty food.

So, if the pill has a taste or smell, it will be disguised by the aroma of the food that your pet is already used to.

What if my pet spits out the pill?

It is common for pets to spit pills out to their mouths even before swallowing them. When this happens, it is recommended that you discard the pill and try to administer a new one.

The reason for this substitution is that, when in contact with saliva, the pill dissolve quickly. If the medicine is expelled before being absorbed by your pet, it may not have the expected effect.

Therefore, there is no other solution: the tutor will need to repeat the step by step to give the pill to the pet.

Look for the medicine in another version

Finally, many drugs and supplements offer different versions and was of application. In addition to capsules and pills, they can come in liquid form, with a syringe for application and even in the form of chewable.

Medications and chewable supplement for pets are interesting because they were developed to be easily chewed and safely ingested, especially for those animals that have difficulty ingesting pills.

Vetnil has just launched a line of chewables for pets. Discover the supplements that offer this alternative and see where to find them by clicking here.


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