Hemolitan® JCR

Twice as much Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Iron. With Lysine*

Hemolitan® JCR

Twice as much Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Iron. With Lysine*


Supplement that combines in its formulation the vitamins and oligo-elements that directly or indirectly take part in the formation and maintenance of the integrity of rapid multiplication cells. It has fundamental elements for the metabolism of blood cell formation.


• Fundamental elements for the metabolism of blood cell formation; 
• Rapid and effective recovery; 
• Packaging – innovative design that facilitates grip and avoids waste, reflux and contamination the product.

*Compared to the traditional line of Vetnil Equine supplements.


Hemolitan® JCR is a supplement indicated for equines, mules, donkeys and pigs. It contains elements for the improvement of nutritional condition and supplementation of stabled and growing animals. Due to its unique composition, it is particularly effective for high performance equines subjected to intensive physical activity and pregnant mares.


For oral use. 
Adult equines, mules and donkeys: 20 mL/day; 
Newborn foals: 10 mL on days 2, 6 and 12 after birth; 
Foals: 15 mL/day. 
Adult pigs: 2 mL/day; 
Piglets: 0,5 mL/day.



Folic Acid (Min.) 9.920 mg
Nicotinic Acid (Min.) 1.000 mg
Cobalt (Min.) 100 mg
Copper (Min.) 507 mg
Plant Protein Extract (Min.) 3.500 mg
Iron (Min.) 9.003 mg
Glucose (Min.) 201,4 g
Lysine (Min.) 39,996 g
Calcium Pantothenate (Min.) 980 mg
Vitamin B1 (Min.) 1.500 mg
Vitamin B12 (Min.) 30.000 mcg
Vitamin B2 (Min.) 1.520 mg
Vitamin B6 (Min.) 1.188 mg
Vitamin K3 (Min.) 297 mg
Zinc (Min.) 5.002 mg

Dosing bottle of 1 L.


* Product considered NO DOPING according to the list of FEI (International Equestrian Federation). However, consult the specifi c regulations of the competition.

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