Acepran® 0,2%

Neuroleptic, tranquilizer and preanesthetic.

Acepran® 0,2%

Neuroleptic, tranquilizer and preanesthetic.


Acepromazine is a phenothiazine derivative of the third series (adrenolytic) frequently used in the anesthetic routine due to its tranquilizing effect and for the potentiation of barbiturate, nonbarbiturate and dissociative anesthetic agents. Phenothiazines have little analgesic activity. The main activity of acepromazine is to block the postsynaptic mesolimbic dopaminergic receptors in the brain. A deficiency of dopamine, a catecholamine neurotransmitter, causes symptoms such as dysmetry, ambulation, apathy, indifference to the environment, drowsiness and lateral decubitus. As an antiemetic, phenothiazines inhibit the medullary zone from triggering vomiting.


Acepran® 0,2% is indicated for dogs as a sedative and tranquilizer to facilitate diagnostic procedures, containment for exams and x-rays, treatment of wounds and abscesses, to introduce a urethral catheter and where a tranquilizing effect and indifference to external stimulus is required.
Acepran® 0,2% is especially recommended in the transport of animals, because it promotes tranquility, sleep and antiemetic activity, typical of phenothiazine derivatives. It is indicated as a pre-anesthetic agent, both for its tranquilizing effect and for the potentiation of barbiturate, nonbarbiturate and dissociative anesthetic agents.


To be used intravenously or intramuscularly. The dose should be determined individually, depending on the degree of tranquilization required. Right after the administration of Acepran® 0,2% the animal must be kept in a quiet environment, until the maximum sedation effect is obtained.
Dogs: administer 0,05 to 0,2 mg/kg of body weight, that is, 0,025 to 0,1 mL per kg of body weight, depending on the depth and duration of the required sedation.
• For large dogs (over 30 kg): we recommend using the smaller dose range.

Sedative effects begin 2 to 13 minutes after intravenous administration and 6 to 18 minutes after intramuscular administration, providing 40 to 140 minutes and 60 to 130 minutes of sedation respectively. If it is necessary to supplement the dose, it must be carried out under the supervision of the Veterinarian. Dosages may be changed according to the guidance of the Veterinarian.

Acepromazine 0,2 g
Vehicle q.s 100 mL

 20 mL vial. 

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