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Created by the Veterinarian Dr. João Carlos Ribeiro (In Memorian), Vetnil® started its activities in May 1994, in Louveira (SP), with the intention of developing quality veterinary products in Brazil at prices compatible with the market. Based on research in the field of nutrition for horses, the product line developed by the company, until then unprecedented in the country, has become a leader in the segment and the most recommended by the best veterinarians, breeders and trainers. After four years of its launch, the brand has conquered the pet market, being amongst the 5 largest companies in the sector.

In these more than two decades, the company has completely fulfilled its mission of offering quality solutions for the welfare and health of animals, exceeding customers' expectations. Today, the complete Vetnil® product line has more than 90 high-tech products. For horses, in the line of supplements, we highlight the Super Premium JCR Line and Meloxinew®, Butorfin® and Alantol® products in medicines. For pets, in the line of supplements, the Gold Line, Ômega 3+SE® and in medications to the products Condroton®, Meloxinew® Comprimido, Furolisin® and Metilvet®.

With the concept of 'Vetnil® – Partner with Who Cares', the company also works to expand the relationship with its partners - tutors, caretakers, caregivers, veterinarians, who are established on a daily basis to make care reach the animals, delivering the best of veterinary medicine, research and science for those partners who work night and day for animal welfare and health. In this line, Vetnil relates to companies and initiatives that positively impact society. Currently it has as partners AMALO, the Mata Ciliar Association, the INATAA institution, the Jaguariúna CEJ Riding Therapy Center, the Kdog project, CAD (Friends with Disabilities Club), the Tamanduá Institute, Casa do Viralata, among others. The company is also present at the main events, congresses and competitions in the segment, in order to encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge among professionals.

In this trajectory, Vetnil® also expanded its operations beyond Brazil's borders, exporting its products to more than 16 countries, among them: Angola, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Guatemala, México, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Qatar, Dominican Republic and Uruguay. It was also awarded and featured in publications such as ‘100 Best Companies to Work For in Brazil’ and ‘30 Best Companies for Women to Work For’, by Época magazine, in 2006; ‘The 200 Most Growing Small and Medium Companies in Brazil’, by Exame magazine, in 2015; ‘Best in Agribusiness – The 10 best in the Animal Health Sector’, Agribusiness Yearbook 2015, Globo Rural magazine; winner in the 'Veterinary Products' category of the Agribusiness Yearbook of Globo Rural Magazine for 2016, 2018 and 2021 as well as "Best companies to work from GPTW Brasil 2020" in the Industry ranking, São Paulo ranking and Agribusiness ranking, released by Great Place To Work, Best of Agribusiness 2021 by Globo Rural Magazine, among others.

Foto João Carlos

“Vetnil was born from the dream of producing quality veterinary products in Brazil at compatible prices in the market. With this objective, we have conquered an important space in the market and we are sure that we will conquer many others. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but perseverance, dedication and humility are important predicates for the pursuit of improvement, which is infinite”.

João Carlos Ribeiro (in Memorian)


Offer solutions of excellence for the well-being and health of animals, exceeding the expectations of our customers and generating growth for our employees.


To be an inspiring company, with the most modern portfolio of products and services for animal health and wellness.


  • Passion: We love what we do, we are dedicated, persevering and committed;
  • Humility: We respect the human being and are open to new ideas;
  • Excellence: We always do our best;
  • Integrity: We always act with ethics, honesty and transparency;
  • Inovation: We focus on continuous improvement and creating new solutions.
Logo Haras

Founded in 1990 by Dr. João Carlos Ribeiro, it produces show jumping horses and has a herd of 60 animals.

Located in the interior of the state of São Paulo, in the city of Vinhedo, it has an excellent infrastructure composed by: 2 covered jumping stables, walker for 8 horses, jumping track, stable for 25 animals and lots of green area.

Based on the trinomial, “genetics, breeding and training”, and always emphasizing the quality of the products, the Haras BH breeding system uses only mares super selected in performance and from the best strains in the world.

Haras BH has in its crosses, the semen of the main stallions in the world, concerned with the quality of the strains. Currently, Haras BH has stallion products available for sale, such as Baloubet du Rouet, Diamant de Semilly, Nabab de Reve, Indoctro, among others.

Countless animals raised in the Haras have obtained excellent results in important competitions in Brazil, United States, Belgium, Ecuador and Colombia. These results demonstrate that Haras BH is reaching its objectives.

Having the Grand Champion of the Brazilian Equestrian Festival of the Brasileiro de Hipismo race in 2020.

The Haras works as an experimental field for the development and use of Vetnil products in the creation and training of athlete horses.2

Access the website and learn a little more about the Haras: www.harasbh.com.br

Sac Brasil: 0800 0109 197 International: 55 19 3848-8500

Av. José Nicolau Stabile, 53 – Burck |
Louveira – SP – CEP: 13294-100 | vetnil@vetnil.com.br

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