Acepran® Gotas

Neuroleptic and tranquilizer

Acepran® Gotas

Neuroleptic and tranquilizer


The Acepromazine is the phenothiazine derivative most commonly used as preanesthetic, sedative and tranquilizer medication. In small animals, phenothiazine derivatives produce antiemetic effects.


Acepran® Gotas is indicated for dogs and cats as a sedative and tranquilizer to facilitate diagnostic procedures, containment for exams and x-rays, treatment of wounds and abscesses, to introduce an urethral catheter and when a tranquilizing effect and indifference to external stimulus is required.

Acepran® Gotas is especially recommended in the transport of animals, because it promotes tranquility, sleep and antiemetic effects, typical of phenothiazine derivatives.


Administer orally. Right after the administration of Acepran® Gotas the animal must be kept in a quiet environment, until the maximum sedation effect is obtained.
• Dogs and cats: 0,56 mg/kg to 3 mg/kg of body weight, that is, 2 to 6 drops per kg of body weight, depending on the depth and duration of the required sedation. Sedative effects in dogs begin 15 to 30 minutes after administration, providing 45 to 120 minutes of sedation. In cats, sedative effects begin 15 to 45 minutes after administration, providing 45 to 105 minutes of sedation.
If it is necessary to supplement the dose, it must be carried out under the supervision of the Veterinarian. Each 1 mL contains 24 drops. 

Acepromazine 1,0 g
Vehicle q.s 100 mL

Dropper bottle containing 10 mL.

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