Supplement with high caloric content.


Supplement with high caloric content.


Since it is complete, balanced and highly concentrated, Nutralife® is indicated in quick and effective supplementation of nutrients. It assists in the improvement of nutritional status, appetite stimulation, performance of animals in training and in all other situations where full nutritional intake and high bioavailability becomes necessary. It constitutes a naturally energetic product, particularly important for growing animals, physical training and elderly animals, as well as pregnant and lactating females.

is a calorie-rich supplement for the nutritional support of dogs and cats. Contains macro and microminerals, hydro and liposoluble vitamins, essential and non-essential amino acids, Omegas 3 and 6, glucose and prebiotics (MOS and FOS). The presentation in paste and the meat taste offer an excellent acceptance and favor the absorption of the nutrients of the formula, being, therefore, a fundamental product in the case of animals that need immediate and effective nutritional support.


• High energy content;
• Wide variety of nutrients;
• Quick acting.


Nutralife® should be used orally, directly in the mouth or mixed with food.
• Dogs: 2 g for each 5 kg of body weight per day (maximum of 10 g/day);
• Adult cats: 2 g/day;
• Kittens: 1 g/day.

Aspartic Acid (Mín.) 10,919 g
Folic Acid (Mín.)  99,649 mg
Glutamic Acid (Mín.) 32,539 g
Linoleic Acid (Mín.) 192 g
Linolenic Acid (Mín.) 39,70 g
Nicotinic Acid (Mín.) 3.702,60 mg
Oleic Acid (Mín.) 101,80 g
Alanine(Mín.) 5.416 mg
Arginine (Mín.) 7.003 mg
Betaine (Mín.) 10,222 g
Biotin (Mín.) 3,95 mg
Cysteine (Mín.) 649 mg
Cobalt (Mín.) 40 mg
Copper (Mín.) 55,02 mg
Choline (Mín.) 17,5 g
Chlorine (Mín.) 10,50 g
Chrome (Mín.) 20 mg
Phenylalanine (Mín.) 5.776 mg
Iron (Mín.) 375,05 mg
Fruit-Oligosaccharides (Mín.) 2.003,55 mg
Glycine (Mín.) 5.050 mg
Hydroxyproline (Mín.) 131 mg
Histidine (Mín.) 2.066 mg
Iodine (Mín.) 252,64 mg
Isoleucine (Mín.) 4.099 mg
Glutamine (Mín.) 18,443 g
Carnitine (Mín.) 10,003 g
Leucine (Mín.) 8.960 mg
Lysine (Mín.) 5.324 mg
Magnesium (Mín.) 2.000 mg
Mannanoligosaccharide (Mín.) 334,60 mg
Manganese (Mín.) 450 mg
Methionine (Mín.) 1.752 mg
Calcium Pantothenate (Mín.) 2.010,20 mg
Potassium (Mín.) 1.600 mg
Proline (Mín.) 6.209 mg
Selenium (Mín.) 78,75 mg
Serine (Mín.) 5.933 mg
Sodium (Mín.) 6.400 mg
Taurine (Mín.) 45,229 g
Tyrosine (Mín.) 3.487 mg
Threonine (Mín.) 4.082 mg
Tryptophan (Mín.) 805,00 mg
Valine (Mín.) 4.460 mg
Vitamin A (Mín.) 1.480.000 UI
Vitamin B1 (Mín.) 857 mg
Vitamin B12 (Mín.) 3.484 mcg
Vitamin B2 (Mín.) 750,40 mg
Vitamin B6 (Mín.)  599,985 mg
Vitamin C (Mín.)  3.000 mg
Vitamin D3 (Mín.)  74.000 UI
Vitamin E (Mín.) 3.000 UI
Vitamin K3 (Mín.) 385 mg
Zinc (Mín.)  212,80 mg
Gross Energy (Mín.)  5.267,00 Kcal


Dosage syringes containing 14 g.

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