Organew® Pasta

Probiotic + Prebiotic in Paste

Organew® Pasta

Probiotic + Prebiotic in Paste


Organew® Pasta is made up of vitamins, amino acids and probiotic and prebiotic elements that help in the development and maintenance of a healthy intestinal microbiota, contributing to the improvement of the digestion of nutrients of the diet and increase in food efficiency.


Prebiotics FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) and MOS (Manan oligosaccharides): selectively stimulate the growth and activity of one or more beneficial bacteria; 
Beta-glucans: helps in the defenses of the intestinal wall; 
Saccharomyces cerevisiae: live yeasts for a suitable development of the intestinal microbiota; 
Palatable: vanilla flavor.


Indicated for growing animals, weight gain, increased performance, appetite stimulus, improved food conversion and reproductive performance. Contains live yeasts, FOS and MOS that help in the development of a healthy intestinal microbiota, providing better digestion of foods and increase in food efficiency.


Organew® Pasta should be applied directly into the animal’s mouth. 
Equines, mules and donkeys: 4 to 8 g, once a day; 
Pigs: 2 to 4 g, once a day.



Crude protein (Min.) 140,5 g
Moisture (Max.) 19 g
Mineral matter (Max.) 228,7 g
Crude fiber (Max.) 1,5 g
Ethereal extract (Min.) 475,4 g
Saccharomyces cerevisiae

2,5x1010 CFU

FOS 4.500 mg
MOS 450 mg
Beta-glucans (Min.) 500 mg
Vitamin B1 (Min.) 8,49 mg
Vitamin B2 (Min.) 23,55 mg
Nicotinic acid (Min.) 24,63 mg
Vitamin B6 (Min.) 17,33 mg
Biotin (Min.) 3,74 mg
Vitamin B12 (Min.) 30,00 mcg
Aspartic acid (Min.) 12,8g
Folic acid (Min.) 11,31 mg
Glutamic acid (Min.) 13,9g
Alanine (Min.) 7.600 mg
Arginine (Min.) 6.300 mg
Cystine (Min.) 2.300 mg
Phenylalanine (Min.) 5.400 mg
Glycine (Min.) 6.200 mg
Histidine (Min.) 3.400 mg
Isoleucine (Min.) 6.300 mg
Leucine (Min.) 9.300 mg
Lysine (Min.) 16,4 g
Methionine (Min.) 5.700 mg
Proline (Min.) 4.800 mg
Serine (Min.) 7.000 mg
Tyrosine (Min.) 5.600 mg
Threonine (Min.) 6.400 mg
Valine (Min.) 7.200 mg
Choline (Min.) 919,13 mg
Inositol (Min.) 1.200 mg

Syringe containing 32 g.


* Product considered NO DOPING according to the list of FEI (International Equestrian Federation). However, consult the specifi c regulations of the competition.

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