Pet Milk®

Substitute of milk for dogs and cats.

Pet Milk®

Substitute of milk for dogs and cats.


Pet Milk® is a food substitute for milk. Enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acids required for the development of young animals. Also includes taurine, an amino acid very important in the nutrition of cats, and FOS, a prebiotic that assists in balancing the intestinal microbiota. Contains milk whey proteins, best used by young animals.


For feeding newborn puppies; very large litters where the mother is unable to breastfeed all; orphaned puppies; growing puppies.


Add the powder in warm water, maintaining the ratio of 1 metering measure (8 g) to 40 mL of water. Use the product immediately after dilution; If not used, keep in refrigerator for up to 24h. Provide milk to the puppies at a temperature not lower than 38°C.

Energy Value (Min.) 6.238 Kcal
Gross Protein (Min) 358,3 g
Ethereal Extract (Min) 368 g
Gross Fiber (Max) 1.000 mg
Calcium (Max) 13,3 g
(Min) 13,0 g
Phosphorus (Min) 8.100 mg
Vitamin A (Min) 52.633,51 Ul
Vitamin B1 (Min) 23,89 mg
Vitamin B12 (Min) 20.328,07 mcg
Vitamin B2 (Min) 16 mg
Vitamin B6 (Min) 15,82 mg
Vitamin D3 (Min) 4.750 UI
Vitamin E (Min) 250 UI
Vitamin K3 (Min) 8,33 mg
Folic Acid (Min) 9,08 mg
Nicotinic Acid (Min) 201,71 mg
Calcium Pantothenate (Min.) 20,37 mg
Biotin (Min) 201,3 mg
Choline (Min) 2.619 mg
FOS 4.500 mg
Taurine (Min) 3.100 mg
Aspartic Acid (Min) 33,3 mg
Glutamic Acid (Min) 67,3 mg
Alanine (Min) 16,5 g
Arginine (Min) 24 g
Phenylalanine (Min) 18,3 mg
Cystine (Min) 4.800 mg
Glycine (Min) 13,8 mg
Histidine (Min.) 9.600 mg
Isoleucine (Min.) 19 g
Leucine (Min) 33,2 mg
Lysine (min.) 27,5 mg
Methionine (Min) 5.500 mg
Proline (Min) 20,8 mg
Serine (Min.) 20 mg
Tyrosine (Min) 13,4 g
Threonine (Min.) 16,1 g
Valine (Min) 18,8 g
Selenium (Min.) 4,47 mg
Cobalt (Min) 3,33 mg
Manganese (Min) 55,28 mg
Magnesium (Min) 1.600 mg
Iodine (Min) 7,65 mg
Potassium (Min) 7.900 mg
Copper (Min) 21 mg
Iron (Min) 108,33 mg
Zinc (Min) 957,34 mg

Laminated sachets containing 100 g and 300 g of the product and a dosing measure.

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