Tonnus® Pó JCR

Amino acids, HMB, Betaine and Nucleotides

Tonnus® Pó JCR

Amino acids, HMB, Betaine and Nucleotides


Tonnus® Pó JCR is ideal for equines subjected to intensive and strenuous physical efforts. It contains 40 elements that are essential for improving physical performance and maintaining performance during the competition and effort. Its formulation contains amino acids, with emphasis on BCAAs, in addition to Gamma-Oryzanol, Chelated Chromium, Omega 3, Prebiotics and Probiotics, which improve the performance of elite animals. Tonnus® Pó JCR is indicated for all breeds and sports modalities. The product improves the athletic condition of horses, acting in the energy, power, strength, recovery and maintenance of the performance.


• Maximized athletic performance; 
• Energy, strength, disposition and performance in strenuous competitions; 
• Rapid recovery in extreme physical efforts; 
• Power and definition of body mass.


Tonnus® Pó JCR is indicated for improved performance and physical strength. It helps in the gain of body mass, power and strength, increasing the yield in strenuous competitions. It provides energy, disposition and explosion in moments of great wear, in addition to aiding in the recovery of the body during and after intensive physical activities.


For oral use. 
Adult equines: use 100 g per day, preferably divided into 2 doses of 50 g. Prioritize its use within the period of 45 to 60 days before competitions. Do not interrupt use on competition days. 
Foals: use 70 g per day, preferably divided into 2 doses of 35 g. Prioritize its use in animals during the beginning of training.



Aspartic Acid (Min.) 47,653 g
Glutamic Acid (Min.) 73,401 g
Alanine (Min.) 19,382g
Arginine (Min.) 29,115 g
Beta-glucans (Min.) 600 mg
Beta-Hydroxy Methyl Butyrate (HMB) (Min.)  1.598,40 mg
Betaine (Min.) 15 g
Carnitine (Min.) 1014 mg
Cystine (Min.) 5154 mg
Choline (Min.) 12 g
Creatine (Min.) 3.000 mg
Chromium (Min.) 20 mg
Phenylalanine (Min.) 19,7 g
FOS 1.597,52 mg
Gamma-Oryzanol (Min.) 61,25 mg
Glycine (Min.) 17,041 g
Glutamine (Min.) 1.098,9 mg
Histidine (Min.) 1,0212 g
Isoleucine (Min.) 17,002 g
Leucine (Min.) 30,699 g
Lysine (Min.) 40,974 g
Magnesium (Min.) 5.700 mg
Methionine (Min.) 22,225 g
MOS 865,80 mg
Nucleotides (Min.) 228 mg
Omega 3 (Mín.) 1.000 mg
Omega 6 (Min.) 4.700 mg
Proline (Min.) 20,739 g
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 18 x 1010 CFU
Serine (Min.) 23,001 g
Taurine (Min.) 1.003,13 mg
Tyrosine (Min.) 14,735 g
Threonine (Min.) 16,606 g
Tryptophan (Min.) 4.690 mg
Valine (Min.) 15,795 g
Vitamin B12 (Mín.) 1.000 mcg
Vitamin B6 (Mín.) 1.028,56 mg
EPA  (Min.) 300 mg
DHA  (Min.) 200 mg
Zinc  (Min.) 260 mg
Crude Protein (Min.) 507 g

Buckets of 2,5 kg and 6 kg.


* Product considered NO DOPING according to the list of FEI (International Equestrian Federation). However, consult the specifi c regulations of the competition.

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